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Comments From My Customers

Dear Mr. Art Daher,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful customer service. I was very surprised that you even called me to make sure I had received my violin! Thank you! I am so happy with my purchase of the Eastman 80 violin. It is beautiful! I even surprised myself when I started to play it, the sound is just as described,amazing! I have been bragging about my violin and your on-line shop and am going to recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you so much! I look forward to shopping at your store again.

Sincerely, Senia Cabrera

Mr. Daher,
I wanted to let you know that the violin(Eastman 80) arrived in time for graduation and was beautiful. We gave our son, Peter, the violin the morning before commencement.
Peter was one of the four graduating seniors speaking at the commencement ceremony so we were aware the theme running through their speaches was music. One spoke about involment in musical theatre making her transition as a new student in the ninth grade easier, a young man spoke of a choir trip to Prague as a lesson in passion for music and compassion for others, the last girl spoke about music being her method of self expression and Peter related the story of how he failed to stay with the violin but learned that failure was useful to re-committ yourself to something. He intended to take up the violin again, seriously. He said whenever he heard violin music his fingers would "move over ghost strings". Needless to say, there were tears and meaningful looks between parent and son. So the gift of the violin was the perfect gift not only as a beautiful instrument to learn and enjoy beautiful music, but to correct a failure, to have a chance to begin again. What could be more appropriate as your son leaves home?
Peter's university is near Rochester so he will several options for lessons - even the Eastman School has beginner's lessons.
Thanks you once again for you assistance and kindness.

Art Daher

First I hope this email finds you well and in good health. I wanted to send you an email to thank you for all your help with my violin. I got the violin in on are last unrep, it is amazing. You can tell a lot of love went into the craftsmanship of the violin.
Also I wanted to thank you for the book as well, I still can’t believe you sent that to me especially how old it is. I will cherish the book forever. I’ve started practicing and have got the hang of holding the bow properly and the violin. Still learning the notes; however, luckily for me one of the girls on my ship plays the violin and is helping me mark where the notes are at. Well I hope you are doing well and id like to stay in touch if that would be okay with you? Until I hear from you again fair winds and following seas.


Hi Art
All the best,

Hello Mr. Daher,
My name is Ernest Chan. My dad has recently bought a Lesta Carbon bow. The bow has great responses and gives a warmer tone with my set up. I have a Luis and Clark carbon fiber violin, with Pirastro Wondertone Solo with a steel A string. This bow is the best out among me other two. The ohters give a harsh hissing sound when I have less pressure on the strings. I am a second year player and I am somewhat advanced, I am working on the Gavotte en Rondeau, Partita 3 BMV 1006 by Bach, with this combination, my instrument sounds like a rosy sounding wood instrument. My violin has always been too bright compared to a comparable wood one.
Thanks you for your time,     Ernest Chan

Hi Art:
The bow and other items arrived yesterday. I'm very pleased with the bow. It's wonderfully balanced and responsive.
Thanks again for the excellent service!!     Tim A.    New England

Yes! It came on Wednesday. My daughter is so excited and thrilled. We are leaving for Uganda on Saturday so it was just in time. Neither my husband nor I know how to play so we cant tune it for her, but we will see her music teacher when we get back who will help her.
Thanks for everything,     Tina,    New York

Violin arrived safe and sound. What great service ! I really appreciate the quick turnaround you did here to get my daughter set up for lessons this Monday.
Thanks so much,   Tom,   Rochester

Hi Art
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I would highly recommend your shop to anyone who is looking to buy a violin. I’ll keep you posted on how I progress once my lessons begin.

Hi Art
Yes the teacher was able to see and try the violin this past weekend and said it was definitely better than the Student II violin that was for sale second hand in our town. He said it was a nice step up for my daughter and should do very well until she is ready for a 4/4.
I won't hesitate to recommend you if other parents are looking for a violin.
All the best,   Denis Chabot,    Quebec

Hi Art
We received the violins in great shape. I am so pleased with the sound and everything else looks good. I will have more work for you in the future. So glad we found you. This is the instrument I wanted for my son.
Thanks again. Nancy

Hi Art,
I got the Violin to day, I noticed that the battery cap was missing but thanks for letting me know your sending it. This is definitely an interesting violin; it was a hit at my lesson to day. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.

We have been very satisfied with the violins we received and in fact, prior to deciding on your violin we had taken a violin of great expense (a Suzuki Nagoya) to our teacher along with the Stentor II and she was definitely more impressed with your violin and felt guilty telling us because she was sure the violin was quite a bit more money for us to spend. She said it was a nice sounding instrument and was impressed that it had quality (Dominant) strings on it. Thanks for the great service we will be in touch with you for future instruments and we have forwarded your name and card to other Suzuki parents in our area.
Kirsten, Manitoba

I wanted to thank you for the fabulous customer support I have received from you. My first contact with you was an email inquiry with questions about a violin. You sent me a very informative and thoughtful answer. I purchased from you, rather than someone else, because of that. Then, once I received the violin, I emailed you again with a question, and you contacted me by phone, within hours. My purchase was not an expensive one, just an electric violin for fun, but you treated me like it was a major purchase, and I want to thank you for that. I know when I'm ready to upgrade my son's concert violin, I will be looking to do business with you again, based solely on your customer support.
Thanks again for everything! Vicky Warry

Thank you for the quick and excellent service you have given in getting us the amplifier we needed. We will visit your online store before we go anywhere locally.
Thanks! Best regards, Frank

Your violin arrived yesterday! Thank you so much, what a masterpiece! Contacted Christer today, should be commencing lessons really soon!
Thank you again! Kindest regards, Peter, Toronto

We picked up the (tiny!) violin (Stentor Student 1 Violin Outfit)and I was impressed at the quality and the decent sound, especially for so small an instrument. I am a viola player myself, so a 1/16th size seems more like a tree ornament than an instrument, but it works!
Amy, Kentucky

I received the violin just in time for Christmas for a gift to my daughter. Thank you. It is beautiful. I personally don't know much about violins but her instructor said it was wonderful. My daughter will be trying out for all county band at the end of this month. Thanks again for providing a quality student violin at an affordable price.
Lora, New York



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