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My Violin Shop

     My Name is Art Daher and "MY VIOLIN SHOP supplies the best value, quality sounding instruments for players throughout the United States and Canada.

I came from Winnipeg, Manitoba, home of JAMES CROFT, renowned as a world expert in the repair of violins.  He personally knew Jascha Heifitz, Fritz Kreisler, many other world renowned violinists; his shop was a meeting place for string musicians.  He was associated with Hills & Sons of London, England.  A man respected for his talent in repair and instrument setup for beautiful sound violins were meant for.

      I spent many hours in his shop as he reminisced about various violinists, violin tone quality, how to get the best sound, etc.  He had a treasure trove of Italian, French, German instruments, Hill bows, French and German bows.  Sold only quality new and fine old instruments, setup and adjusted in his shop.

      Upon his passing, I would visit with Harold Myers, his assistant of 25 years to ask how “pop” as Croft was referred to, setup the instruments to obtain such exceptional sound.  Harold would explain about preparing the bridge – how thick, size of openings, where to scrape/sand for various sound qualities, placement of bridge, etc.  How to cut the soundpost, where to place, how to adjust for better sound.  He talked about varnish, how to properly camber a bow, all information that is very difficult to come by.

        As I repaired, adjusted and setup many violins over the years using this knowledge,  it became apparent that the instruments purchased in music stores, etc. were very badly setup.  As I worked with music teachers, fiddle camps, etc., adjusting, setting up their violins, it was obvious there was a need for a violin shop that specialized in meeting this need.

      MY VIOLIN SHOP is the answer – instruments for starting and advanced students; professionals, fiddlers, etc.  Instruments that are the best sounding and value for the price.  Instruments that you can rely on to have quality fittings, quality strings, etc. no matter what the price.  Instruments that your teacher will approve and be happy with the sound.



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