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    These bows are Hybrid in that the basic bow is carbon fiber with a pernumbuco exterior. They have excellent balance, draw nice sound plus respond very quickly in playing staccato or fast passages. They also have the advantage of not losing their camber or warping. Weather changes do not affect them. They have become the preferred bow for many advanced & professional players. Many professional players use them in lieu of their expensive bows. One professional teacher made the comment that a pernumbuco bow at twice the price is not better.


Knowing what bow to buy can be trying at times. For many students, a bow that is well balanced, will not warp, not affected by the weather is to be desired. The Cadenza Hybrid bow does meets these qualifications. The quality carbon fiber stick, with a pernambuco exterior makes this an exceptional bow for the price. Will not warp, retain it’s camber and has quality ebony frog. I always have teachers recommend this bow for students wanting to upgrade their bow. Have had professional players buy this as their “work” bow. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 225.00 USD  
Sizes   Shipping   $ 9.95 USD usa


An excellent viola bow for up grading for better balance, response. Again, carbon fiber center with pernambuco exterior makes this a bow that will not warp or lose it’s camber. Fittings are ebony frog with nice mother of pearl slides and nickel plate. A bow recommended by teachers for their students. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 260.00 USD  
Sizes   Shipping   $ 9.95 USD usa


Here is an exceptional cello bow for the cellist that does not have huge amounts of money to spend. With a carbon fiber core, pernambuco exterior, this bow will not warp or lose it’s camber. Not affected by changes in the humidity or weather. Looks beautiful with the nice pernambuco finsh. Frog is quality ebony, with nickel finish. Best of all, draws big sound, very well balanced with a good “feel” when playing whether fast or slow passages. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 295.00 USD  
Sizes   Shipping   $ 11.95 USD usa


This is the bow advanced students and professionals are buying. Had a violin teacher comment that bows at twice the price are not better. Had well known fiddler player buy one after having tried many more expensive bows. Many professionals use this bow for their rehearsals with the symphony orchestra. With the high quality carbon fiber interior under the pernambuco exterior, this bow has excellent balance, draws big sound, responds very well in the spiccatto/staccato passages. Ebony frog with silver fittings. No more worries about weather changes, warping, losing the camber -- exceptional for the price. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 435.00 USD  
Sizes   Shipping   $ 9.95 USD usa


For the advanced student or professional that requires an excellent bow or does not want to use their very expensive pernambuco bow for practice, rehearsals. This bow has excellent balance, responds very well on staccato/spicatto passages. Draws nice full sound. Will not warp nor lose camber with the carbon fiber interior and pernambuco exterior. Beautiful pernambuco look with all silver fittings. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 495.00 USD  
Sizes   Shipping   $ 9.95 USD usa


Have had cellist compare & try this bow against over $1,000.00 bows. This bow came out as best, both for sound, response and balance. The carbon fiber core with the pernambuco exterior makes it an excellent choice at this price. Will not warp or lose it’s camber nor be affected by humidity or weather. Has silver fittings with quality ebony frog. Feels right and looks great. Excellent for the staccato/spiccatto passages as it responds so well. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 575.00 USD  
Sizes   Shipping   $ 11.95 USD usa


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